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Burglar Alarms
Burglar Alarms   Burglar Alarms

A good home security system brings you peace of mind. We know that one of the most valuable things in your life is your family. This is why we are dedicated to not only offering the latest and best security options for the home, but also providing the best service in maintaining the safety of your loved ones. We can offer, install and service a wide range of security options including: systems, motion detectors, video surveillance, safes, vaults, intercoms, and more. Our strongest attribute is not neccessarily the wide range of products we know, but our ability to consult you as to which options are the best for your home. The only thing worse than spending too much money on options you don't really need, is to NOT have the safety features you truly need, until it's too late.

Access Badges

Control Panels

We offer a comprehensive line of security and life safety control panels for residential and commercial applications. Abstract Security can easily install hardwire, wireless and hybrid panels in new construction or retrofit applications. The product range includes security panels, security/fire panels, fire-only panels, and life safety systems that can provide help to individuals in emergency situations.

Access Control and Software Management
  Environmental Detectors

Abstract Security offers a variety of environmental sensors including CO and moisture sensors. They are designed to be connected to alarm systems.

Glassbreak & Vibration Sensors

Our glassbreak and vibration sensors give reliable detection and false-alarm immunity. With our glassbreak sensors there is no need to compromise because our products blend application expertise, advanced detection technology, attractive desing and false-alarm reduction features.



We offer several keypad options to work with our alarm system control panels. The LCD keypads feature programmable output and easy-to-read displays for higher end installations. Fixed English keypads feature preprogrammed messages designed for a wide range of applications. The economical LED keypads work with models from 8 to 24 zones.


Magnetic Contacts

Abstract Security uses the highest-quality magnetic contacts in the security industry. All magnetic contacts are not created equal. Our range of innovative designs help assure complete reliability even in the most difficult environments.


Motion Sensors

Our motion sensors incorporate a full line of high performance intrusion detection products. These sensors blend installation flexibility, advanced detection technology, attractive design and false alarm reduction features. Ther result is unsurpassed performance and reliability.


Sirens, Speakers & Drivers

With more than 15 different choices of hardwire sirens speakers and drivers, there is a product for virtually any application – including phone jacks. Iindoor installations are available, as well as rugged impact resistant speakers for outdoor applications.



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