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All Security, Inc. offers business owners security solutions that are tailor made to their needs. We have worked with businesses of almost every type and understand that while each customer is unique, each is given the same precision service All Security, Inc. is known for. Our goal is not only to provide our customers with the highest quality security, but also to establish a long-term relationship so you'll know we're there for you in the future.


Traditional Cameras and Lenses

The basic building blocks of a video surveillance system. GE Interlogix, Kalatel offers a wide range of cameras, from economical black-and-white models to high-resolution, high-performance color models. Select from 22 different lenses to match your cameras to their applications.




Discreet Cameras

GE Interlogix, Kalatel discreet cameras are designed to blend in to any environment. They allow you to maintain a friendly atmosphere while your video surveillance system provides the security you need.


Integrated Camera Systems

Build your surveillance system with a choice of PTZ dome cameras, housings and mounts from GE Interlogix, Kalatel. By combining performance and versatility, the CyberDome has become an industry standard among surveillance dome systems.


Digital Video Recorders

Greater reliability, faster searches, better image quality and network connectivity are just a few of the reasons why the industry is turning to digital recording for solutions. And for cutting edge, digital recording technology, the industry is turning to GE Interlogix, Kalatel.


Video Monitors

Complete a basic CCTV system with monitors from GE Interlogix, Kalatel that provide clear, crisp images and improved camera viewing.



GE Interlogix, Kalatel designs multiplexers to give you a security system that does more, but does not need constant attention. We offer performance that goes far beyond the standard features you find on many other multiplexer models. It is what’s on the inside that counts.


Remote Video Transmission

GE Interlogix, Kalatel offers a number of ways to monitor your video surveillance system remotely. Whether it is the award-winning Remote Surveillance Module (RSM) or the new Streaming Video Module, you can monitor your system 24-hours a day, from home or on the road.


Matrix Switching and Control

GE Interlogix, Kalatel matrix switching and control equipment is designed with expansion and flexibility in mind. Perfect solutions for small-, mid- and large-sized CCTV installations.



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